"The staff's doing a great job with my brother's care.  They are so good to him!  He loves the activities such as Bingo.  He's doing well and is very content there.  I'd definitely recommend Christian Care Center of Kuttawa to anyone."
J.K., Smithland, KY

"What I really like about Christian Care Center of Kuttawa is that the employees treat the residents like they're family. We've had several of our relatives stay here, the latest being my mother. The care provided is wonderful. If I ever need nursing home care Christian Care Center of Kuttawa is where I'll go.”
D.S., Princeton, KY

"If you have to go to a nursing facility like I did, Christian Care Center of Kuttawa is the kind of place you'll want to go to. The employees are willing to assist in any situation. They are very friendly and helpful. I like everything about this place. I feel like I'm with family.”
J.L., Kuttawa, KY

"The staff at Christian Care Center of Kuttawa really communicates well. The take good care of the residents and aren't just treating their responsibilities as a job. Because of my grandmother's needs this was the best case scenario for our family. You can have your loved one here and not have to worry because the care they give is a real blessing. Their name says it all ‘Christian Care Center' because of the care provided. Christian Care Center of Kuttawa provides real care.”
H.R., Princeton, KY

"I like the way the facility gets the residents and family members involved in activities. My mother enjoys the picnics and the church services. The facility likes to keep the residents active. It is a fun place to be. The employees care about the residents. It is a clean, happy atmosphere."
P.H., Louisville, KY

"The facility provides excellent careto my mother. There are always activities going on for the residents. It is a clean facility with good care. The residents are happy. I feel it is a good facility and recommend it to anyone."
K.S., Draffenville, KY

"The staff are friendly. Internet service is provided. I feel like family. The staff make you feel like you are not in a nursing home. I feel like I am 'home.' I love to decorate my room anyway I want. I love my purple room."
M.M., Kuttawa, KY

"It's wonderful to be a resident here. Anytime I ask for something they do their best to get it and as quickly as possible. The staff at Christian Care Center of Kuttawa is caring and loving. I'm glad to be here. Next to being home, this is the next best thing."
T.O., Kuttawa KY

"The staff at Christian Care Center of Kuttawa is very nice and is good to my daughter. They're very caring. They make my daughter happy and that makes me happy. My daughter looks at the facility as her home, and because of this I don't have to worry about her."
R.S., Grand Rivers KY

"Everyone on the staff is so friendly to me. I enjoy the activities and the outings we go on. I've made many great friends here. This is a good place to live."
C.S., Kuttawa KY